Tribal Nails

Saturday, September 28, 2013


This week, I did tribal nails. I've been wanting to try out tribal nails for a long time, but I never felt I was good enough to actually pull them off. But after seeing all of the amazing tribal nail designs for the 31 day challenge, I finally forced myself to give them a try -- to my surprise, they didn't turn out as a huge black and white gloopy mess! Success!

I was short on time (well, to be honest, I was just feeling lazy... it was one of those days) so I only did one nail with tribal print. 

I used Jin Soon Blue Iris for the non-accent nails, then used Sally Hansen White On and WnW Black Creme for the tribal design.

I was actually very happy with how these turned out! I love this look -- and they were very fun to do -- so I'll definitely be trying out some variations on these sometime. There are so many amazing variations -- check out Chalkboard Nails' & Hey, Nice Nails' versions!

What do you think of tribal nails? Are they something you'd love to have on your nails, or do you think they're tacky and lamely retro? 

Thanks for reading!
The Nail Snail :)

P.S. I am SO impressed with all of you bloggers who are doing the 31 day challenge! You guys are amazing and giving me so much nailspiration! 


  1. Generally, I think tribal manis are fun! But yeap, could be time consuming. Plus if we're to do a full mani with details... that's extremely time taxing. Ha, fortunately, there's accent mani! xD Love the nails, hun! I think they paired together really well :) Hurray for your first attempt! ♥

    1. Thanks! Yeah, it took me long enough to do just the one nail!


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