Pretty Jelly Polish Demeter Swatches

Friday, September 13, 2013


Today I have another indie polish to show you!

I recently won one free Pretty Jelly Polish of my choice in a giveaway from Lacquer Reverie. It was SO HARD to decide which one I wanted (see the Pretty Jelly Polish Etsy shop -- so many gorgeous polishes!). I finally decided on Demeter (see swatches here and here).

Pretty Jelly Polish Demeter
The green color...

Pretty Jelly Polish Demeter
...and the red-brown color!

It's described as a "green-brown multichrome holo. Shifts from green to blue to purple". I'm not sure I agree with this description. I can't see the blue or purple...? It basically switches from a silvery green (it reminds me of asparagus somehow) to a brown-red color. I suppose Demeter is the god of the harvest, though, and it's definitely very harvest-y.

It did have wonderful application, opacity in two coats (shown is three so I could even it out a little), and fair drying time -- it was a pleasure to put on. While I'm not sure I'm partial to this color, it is a great color for fall. Maybe I'll try it out over gray so it looks a little less asparagus-y. (Random note: this is my first multichrome holo!! It's a milestone!!) 

What Pretty Jelly polish would you have chosen? Have you tried any Pretty Jelly polishes? Let me know what you think of this color! 

Thanks for reading,

The Nail Snail :)

P.S. If you want to order Demeter, it's $12.50 from the Pretty Jelly Etsy shop

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