Born Pretty Store Brushes Review

Thursday, November 27, 2014

*items in this post were provided for review


It's been awhile, but now I'm on Thanksgiving break so I have time to blog! 

For today's post, the Born Pretty Store was kind enough to send me a set of nail art brushes to review. 

nail art brushes

This set contains three striping/detail brushes and one larger flat-topped brush.

These nails are loosely based on a design by Deirdre's Nails

half moon nail art
Polishes Used
China Glaze First Mate // Essie Blanc // Nails Inc Chelsea Bridge Road

For the half moon section, I outlined it and filled it in with the shortest detail brush. Then I added the curved scallop-y lines with the midsized detail brush, and added the straight lines with the longest brush. I used the wide brush for cleanup.

I was really happy with these brushes! I have been using a set from MASH, but I prefer these. The striping brushes are just the right length, not too long to control but also not so short that the lines come out super thick. Also, I didn't have to trim off any stray hairs!

What I liked most about these was that these brushes have plastic handles so they're OK if you get a little acetone on them, unlike some brushes that have paint handles so if they come into contact with acetone the paint comes off and gets everywhere.

My one complaint was that the wider brush was a little too thin to be used for cleanup for me. I get nail polish everywhere when I paint my nails, so I need a pretty heavy-duty cleanup brush. If you're used to using the ELF concealer brushes or regular paint brushes for cleanup, you might find this one a little too thin. 
But I could see this brush being used for cleanup for neat people or for filling in large spaces!

half moon nail art

Overall, I would recommend these brushes  -- all four are only 4.92 USD, and they work great!

nail art brushes

And lastly, the Born Pretty Store was kind enough to give me a 10% off coupon code for all of you guys!

Thanks for reading, and happy Thanksgiving to all of you guys who celebrate it!
Lucy xx

Sally Hansen Royal Blush

Sunday, November 2, 2014


I've been really into nude shades lately -- they always look so classy! Unfortunately, finding a nude that matches my skin tone has been a struggle :(

I recently tried out Sally Hansen Royal Blush. I don't think it matches my skin tone very well -- it's a little too warm and pink/orange-y. It looks more bluish in the bottle than it does on the nail, I hate when polishes trick me like that!

It still is a pretty color, though, so I decided to keep it on and do a simple glitter gradient.

Polishes Used
China Glaze Fairy Dust // Deborah Lippmann When Lightning Strikes // Sally Hansen Royal Blush

This is the first of Sally Hansen's higher-end "complete salon manicure" polishes I've tried. I really like the wider brush (although I know a lot of people prefer a thinner brush), but in terms of formula, wear time, etc. it seemed pretty similar to any other drugstore polish. 
However, the big plus for me is that these come in a wider range of shades than, say, Wet n' Wild or the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear line. They have a lot of nice nude and pastel colors that are hard to find among cheaper polishes.

(For reference, cheaper Sally Hansen polishes are usually around $4-5, while these are around $7-9)

I like this polish, but I feel like it's not quite right. I guess I'll have to continue with my quest for the perfect nude shade! Any suggestions?

Thanks for reading!
Lucy xx