Negative Space Nails

Friday, February 20, 2015


I've been super busy recently. I've literally had a competition, conference, or audition every single weekend since January 1st! 
And since weekends are when I usually do nail art, I haven't been able to put much on my nails recently. To compound that, I broke a nail really badly at a debate tournament at Emory University and it looked really weird...

Until this week!! The entire eastern U.S. is kinda having a huge winter storm right now, and so we've had an entire week off from school. I've just been going on Tumblr and doing nail art all day!

So Nailicious is this awesome site (with gorgeous photography!) that makes great tutorials for all skill levels. Their negative space tutorial has been on my to-try list forever.

Polishes Used
Essie Blanc || Wet n Wild Black Creme
I love the negative space look, it's so clean and elegant (maybe that's why it's been so big on the runway recently).

And ok this is a lil tangential, but can we just talk about white nail polish?! It's so often used and yet it's so!!difficult!!!to find a good white polish. I've tried pretty much every white polish under $5 (because I am cheap af) but they either require like 600 coats for opacity or they get gloopy after a few uses. 
I finally just gave up and got my friend to buy me Essie 'Blanc' for my birthday, but that's $8.50 she'll never get back..somebody hurry up and make a $2 decent white polish already!!!

What's your go-to white polish?

Thanks for reading!
Lucy xx