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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


This week I actually did decent nail art on my left hand! Which is a major accomplishment for me (yeah, I'm left-handed)! Do I get a badge or something?

This design was inspired by a tutorial from I Feel Polished!. Actually, there's an interesting story behind the tutorial: she created it because people were accusing her wearing press-on nails and lying about having done her own nail art! Weird, right? To prove that she actually did do her own nail art, she made a tutorial for her amazing design, and I was like "wait, that isn't so hard after all" so I decided to try it out.

 This came out way better than expected. I had a little trouble with the big dots, since I don't have a dotting tool and I was trying to do them with the end of a hair pin. But then I realized that the tip of the handle of my cleanup brush would work just fine, so I used that instead! Yay for innovation! (and yay for not having to spend money on dotting tools, haha)

Here's a side view -- practicing my photography and hand positioning!

A closeup of my ring finger
These were very fun and quick to do, and they seem like they'd work with almost any colors (I used I Feel Polished's very fall-appropriate color choices)! And the end result is much better than what I usually have on my left hand.

Polishes Used:
Deborah Lippmann Girl on Fire (red, of course!)
Deborah Lippmann Green Eyed Lady (green)
Deborah Lippmann Harem Silks from Bombay (dark red-brown-black on pinky)
Sephora by OPI Neutral Beauty (nude-beige base color)

Do you like this design? I think I'm finally transitioning to fall colors. I'm especially loving the base color for this design, it's definitely going to show up as a base color throughout the colder months. I think I need to go pick up some more nice nude colors -- any suggestions?

Thanks for reading!

The Nail Snail :)

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