Porchester Square Vintage Floral

Monday, November 25, 2013


I didn't really have a specific design in mind when I sat down to do these; I just knew I wanted to use Nails Inc Porchester Square in the design. Described as a "chic muted mushroom shade", it's a lovely shade I've been wanting to use for awhile. 

And when I looked at it, it seemed to scream "VINTAGE!!!". So I decided to listen to it and do a vintage floral design (OK. I'm talking about listening to my nail polish. That's... a little odd, but I'm sure many of you can sympathize). 

(Here's my first version of floral nails)

On the pointer and index finger, I started with a white base (Revlon Spirit) then added flowers with  Porchester Square and another Nails Inc polish, Chelsea Bridge Road (one of their foil effect polishes).
The leaves of the flowers are Sephora by OPI Read My Palm on top of RGB Dew

On my middle finger and pinky, I started with a base of Porchester Square and added stripes of Chelsea Bridge Road and Spirit

Of course, I had to matte-ify it. (And I thought I had kicked that obsession...) I used JINsoon Matte Maker -- it worked really well, but not substantially better than my $5 drugstore matte topcoat. 

What do you think of Porchester Square? And which do you prefer, matte or glossy?

Thanks for reading, and be sure to let me know what you think!
Lucy xx


  1. This is lovely, can't go wrong with stripes and floral!! Love the colour combo, personally I prefer the look shiny (though I'm a matte crazy too). Porchester Square is a fantastic polish, it's my favourite neutral polish (which I guess isn't saying that much) and I love using it as a base for bright, colourful designs, I've made quite the dent in my mini bottle!! :)

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I agree -- shiny looks nicer, but I just can't resist matte-ifying things :) It is a very nice polish!!

  2. gorgeous, such an elegant manicure :D

  3. Lucy when you wrote about "listening" to your polish, I absolutely squealed over it in delight, because you are doing something a true artist does: you are letting the material talk back! Artistry is not about painting straight lines or controlling things. It's about sitting with the material, listening to it, respecting how it "begins to seek its own form" as the poet William Stafford liked to say. It's a process of discovery, rather than of strong-arming a design into submission. I respect you all the more for it. ♡

    By the way I like the shiny. ;)

    1. I totally agree -- improvisation is amazing :) (and I'm glad you don't think I'm crazy!) Thanks!


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