Fall Trees {50th Post!}

Saturday, November 30, 2013


This is my 50th post!! Whoo!! I'm the kind of person that tends to start projects then abandon them after a week or two, so 50 posts is kind of a big accomplishment for me! 
To reward myself for my "dedication", I bought myself a bottle of polish and my first-ever wheel of studs from Claire's, both of which will be showing up here soon. 

Anyways. The weather is getting colder, and I've switched to my winter boots , fuzzy socks, and warm drinks. It's really feeling like fall now (although we've had some weird warm days) and so I had to do some fall nail art. 

This design was inspired by Robin Moses' "Tree of Life" nail art (link), but I changed up the colors to make it look more fall-y. And I kind of made it more clumsy-looking... because nobody can do nails like Robin Moses.

I started with a base of Nails Inc Kensington Place (see my swatches/review here), then added the tree trunks with brown acrylic paint and a thin nail art brush. Next, I added the leaves of the trees with more acrylic paints, using a dotting motion and a small detailing brush. Finally I sealed the design off with Seche Vite

I applied the top coat too soon, because I forgot acrylic paint dries more slowly than nail polish (especially in when you accidentally put big globs like I did) so it the colors of the leaves kind of washed down the gray base color. I decided to leave it as it was because I actually kind of liked the effect. Whoo, happy accidents!

And of course, I had to add some Fairy Dust to it, because I'm crazily addicted to it. 

And maybe this is just my addiction speaking, but I think it looks all pretty and mysterious, kind of like snow falling between the trees. 

Have you started with the knitted sweaters/hot chocolate/leather boots yet? 

Thanks for reading 
& be sure to let me know what you think of this design!


  1. Lovely design, especially with the Fairy Dust on top! It makes it look very magical :)

  2. Beautiful fall trees and congrats on your 50th post!

  3. With the glitters it finishs it off very well! Looks awesome

  4. Congrats on your 50th post! I think the fairy dust definitely adds something, I would love to see a winter scene version of this with that over like snow falling, I think that would be beautiful! :D

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I'm definitely going to try that out sometime!

  5. wow this is awesome *.*
    congrats on your 50th post, expecting to see much more ;)

  6. These nails are beautiful. loving the fairy dust over the top!

  7. this is beautiful! congrats!

  8. This is so gorgeous! I love the shimmers on you added on top... looks like the first snow falling on autumn trees. Congrats on your milestone! :)

    ~ Yun


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