NCLA Nail Wraps: Bibhu Mohapatra

Friday, November 15, 2013


I recently received some wonderful nail mail from my aunt, including some NCLA nail wraps! I received four packs from the collection where NCLA and Glamour partnered with four major designers. Today I tried out the Bibhu Mohapatra wraps -- partly because I didn't have time to do any 'real' nail art :)

(sorry about the terrible pinky thing...)

On my middle and ring fingers are the nail wraps, and the index, pinky, and thumb are RGB Haze, a dusty lavender/grey color (that unfortunately took wayyy too may coats to become opaque for its dark color).

Applying the nail wraps was really simple -- all you have to do is pick the nail wrap of the right size, put it on your nail, and file off the excess (tip: it helps to watch a couple YouTube videos first -- here's a nice one to watch if you want to get really enthusiastic about using nail wraps). I found them really easy to apply, and if I can do it... well... the average chimpanzee could probably do it too.
The only difficult thing was that they stick really firmly once they're on the nail, so you can't take them off and adjust without ruining the adhesive. 

Here are some color-adjusted photos so you can see the actual color of the polish/nail wrap:

The problem is that these wraps are limited edition (from winter 2013) and aren't sold in stores or at NCLA's online store. You might be able to find them by hunting on eBay or Amazon, though... I looked around a little and there didn't seem to be much. But I figured I should show you my first attempt at using nail wraps anyways :)

Have you ever tried nail wraps? Or are you more of a solid-color/freehand nail art person?

Thanks for reading!
Lucy xx


  1. I never used nail wraps. I don't think I can get it here. But anyways This looks awesome. I love the design. Complcated but detailed (: I cant wait to see others !!

    1. Yeah, this was my first time using them! Thanks :)


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