Striping Tape Geometric Nails

Monday, August 19, 2013

Hi! Happy Monday!

A couple days ago I did my sister's nails. She's in elementary school and has TINY nails, so it was a bit difficult. I usually don't try to do her nails, but I just got the striping tape I've been waiting for and I already did my nails of the week, so... yeah. I'd been wanting to do this design for awhile but I didn't feel like cutting tape up into tiny strips (BORING) so I held off until I received my striping tape :)

Now, I'm not sure if these really count as geometric nails but I decided to call them geometric anyways... I mean, nobody's judging right?

tape nails

tape nails
(my sister can't really pose with her hand so I just kinda let it lay there)

I did this mani in what was probably the least smart/efficient way. I started with a base of white polish (Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On), used tape to make the next horizontal stripe of light green (Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Mint Sorbet), and finally used more tape to make the third horizontal stripe of darker green (Sephora by O.P.I. Read My Palm). Then I put the striping tape on in random designs and painted purple over it (BK #26, I think). Unfortunately, I didn't wait for the polish to dry before trying to stick tape on it, so I ended up having to re-do a bunch of the nails and it ended up taking me over an hour. *sigh* If I do this again, I'd just freehand the green stripes -- I mean, you can barely see them anyways -- or maybe do a sponge gradient for the green. 

Though this was not a great first experience with striping tape, I definitely want to try more striping tape designs! Suggestions are welcome :) 

Tutorials/Other Versions:
I originally got the idea from Nail Stories' blog post (it's from a while back). She did it with black and red, yellow, and green stripes but I thought that would be too edgy for my elementary-school-aged sister... 

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think! 

The Nail Snail

P.S. This isn't nail-art related, but... the comment verification thingies ("Please prove you're not a robot" <-- I have now learned they are called captchas!) are a little ridiculous. I mean, seriously, today I got this:
reCAPTCHA challenge image
What?? How am I supposed to tell what those numbers are? (or maybe my computer just has problems with images and the rest of y'all are like "what is she talking about those numbers are clear as daylight"...)


  1. This is a pretty mani! I love the colors!

  2. I called it disco light mani ;) i have made this nail art a long back, coincidence in my sisters nails to (: I love it how you gradient the base (:

  3. These are so cute! The green design looks like it would be nice on its own too :)

    Also, I cant see your captcha either! x

    1. Oh, right, that's what they're called... I knew that...

      My sister wanted to leave it at just green but I really wanted to use my striping tape :) Thanks!

  4. This is so cool and pretty! I love how crisp your lines are and the three colors peeking out from the stripes! :) Yes, I hate captchas too... some of them are just ridiculous lol.

    ~ Yun

    1. Thanks! Haha, the powers of striping tape :) Yep, they are -- haha I just realized they were ON on my blog, I turned them off before but I guess I didn't press save, lol I feel so hypocritical now!


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