Blog Your Heart Out Award Nomination!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hi! I've been nominated for the Blog Your Heart Out Award by Katherine from ProcrastiNails! Thanks!!

You've probably heard this same stuff about 50 times by now, but: the way this award works is a) answer 5 questions and then b) nominate 5 other bloggers you like that have less than 100 followers. The general idea is to help new bloggers get followers and allow people to discover amazing less popular blogs that they would delight in reading.

1. What/who encouraged you to start blogging? The idea just kinda popped into my head earlier this summer, and I thought it would be a great summer project to do. And then it turned into something more than just a summer project!

 2. How did you choose what topic(s) to blog about? It was a little bit trial and error... I had another Wordpress blog where I was blogging with a friend about a bunch of stuff: our summer travels, gardening (I love gardening!), other crafts, and nails. Then I realized that my nail art posts were getting the most likes and comments, so I decided to devote a different blog completely to nails!

 3. What is something most people don't know about you? Ummm. Hmm. I guess (ok, this is kinda boring) that I read a lot. Right now I'm juggling a biography of Stephen Hawking (DENSE), Yellow (which is written by my dad's cousin lol), the City of Dreaming Books, and What is the What (I'm rereading it, it's a FANTASTIC book!).

 4. What three words describe your style? Funky, weird, and happy!

 5. What do you like to do when you aren't blogging? I have a lot of hobbies, including knitting, sewing, and gardening (and I'd like to get into embroidery) but when I'm doing something fun other than blogging I'm usually playing flute competitively or playing competitive soccer.

Many thanks again to Katherine! (yesss, someone actually reads my blog! :-D)

Nailsss -- mostly nail art but with a sprinkling of cats and makeup; I have no idea why she doesn't have more followers because her nail art is amazing!
Oh No, Not Another Nail Art Blog -- consistently amaaaazing nail art!
PlumeriaPainted -- very creative and unique nail art (she's doing an app nail art series right now!)
The Polished Cowgirl -- a fairly new blog (older than mine though, haha) that does classic nail art! She has WAYYYY too few followers in my opinion :) I've never seen a mani I didn't like on her blog!
Mani's by Moore -- she does all the nail art that's on your to-do list and seems super nice and funny!

 Well I guess that's it (great conclusion, I know). I hope the five blogs I nominated get more followers, because they definitely deserve it!

Thanks for reading!

 The Nail Snail :)

P.S. If any of the links don't work please let me know, Blogger had issues right after I finished writing this rather long post and I had to copy and paste and... it was a mess :P


  1. Hey thanks so much for the nomination!! It was really interesting reading this, I definitely go ahead and do this!!! :D

  2. Thanks for the nomination!

  3. Thank you for the nomination! It means a lot that you like my work, even if there isn't much of it yet.. haha.

  4. Thank you so much for nominating me! Your blog is pretty awesome and I have been enjoying what I have seen! Also I am nice and funny. LOL! Thanks again!

  5. Fun to read more about you! :D

  6. congrats! nothing boring about reading, its probably 50/50 nails to reading for me :D love both! x

  7. Thank you very much!
    I just wrote a post to thank you :-)

  8. Thanks again for the nomination - I nominated you as well, even though you've already been before ;P



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