Mani Thursdays 3: Citrus Nails

Thursday, August 15, 2013

I can't believe it's already been three weeks since I started this blog... time really flies sometimes! Also, I can't believe summer's already almost over -- I'm going back to school on Monday the 26th, and I haven't really gotten anything productive done this summer :\

Anyways, I felt like I had to do a summery nail design for the last summer nails -- next week, I'll be doing back to school nails -- so I chose citrus nails!

I was inspired by Cutepolish's video tutorial, but I decided to use light green as a base color instead of just leaving the bottoms of the nails bare, because my nails are a little stained right now (but I have been using base coat, I swear!). I'd say Cutepolish's way looks better, though, so if you have healthy nails, definitely show them off with this design! (I'm not the only one with bad natural nails... right?)

Citrus nails

Citrus nails

Overall, it turned out better than expected. Okay, the index finger wasn't the best, I kinda globbed a lot onto the nail when I didn't mean to, but still better than expected. Especially since my nail art brushes, which I've used all of three times, are already falling apart! At least they were only about $2. But still. Any recommendations for fairly cheap but decent quality (e.g., not falling apart after three uses) brushes?

Next week, if my plans proceed correctly (which rarely happens haha) I'm going to do apple nails, and I was actually planning watermelon nails for the last week of August. A bit of a fruit nail art kick, I guess. I'd love to see any fruit nail art designs you've done, and if you try this mani definitely share it with me! 

Polishes Used:
Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet (light green base)
Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow (yellow on ring finger)
Deborah Lippmann Lara's Theme (orange on middle finger)
Deborah Lippmann Harem Silks From Bombay (dark purple on index finger)
and, of course, Sally Hansen Top Coat!

Tutorials/Other Versions:
Cutepolish's video tutorial is the best, but it's pretty self-explanatory;
This video tutorial is different, but also really nice-looking (but you have to be pretty good at drawing straight, solid lines with a striper...)

Thanks for reading!

The Nail Snail :)


  1. Ah, this is really cute and fun, especially for summer! Love the different colors you used for each nail. :)

    ~ Yun

  2. cutepolish inspired me a lot (; you did a fantastic recreation loved it (:

    1. Thanks :) Yep, I love cutepolish! The sad thing is she doesn't come out with new videos very often.

  3. I adore your citrus nails!

    And I always felt the same when summer holidays were coming to an end, it's a long time but you feel like it's gone too quickly and you haven't done much!

    1. Thanks! Yep, I always plan out so much stuff to do during summer and NONE of it ever gets done lol.

  4. So cute!! I love the colors!

  5. Looks very cute!

  6. This is so cute! I love the colour combination! :)

  7. Turned out cute! They remind me of the orange, yellow and purple skittles lol


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