Purple Aztec-y Arrows

Sunday, December 22, 2013


(I feel like I should come up with something to call y'all... like Lacquerbeanz or Goddesses or something... hmm)

First, sorry about not keeping to a regular posting schedule! You wouldn't know if looking at the past couple of weeks, but I try to post Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. School and other stuff has just gotten super busy. But after winter break I'm going to try to keep to a more regular schedule!
(The theory is that by telling you this, I'll make myself more committed because I've told someone my goals... well, it was in this self-help book I read!)

Now on to the nail art! 

I used Wet n Wild On a Trip for my non-accent nails, then I used a base of Revlon Spirit and Mash-37 to stamp a sorta Aztec tribal thing on my accent nail.

 I love the eggplant-y color of On a Trip, I'm surprised I haven't used it more!

And of course I had to try it matte. (just when I thought I had escaped my matte addiction...)

Thanks for reading & happy holidays!
Lucy xx


  1. These are really cute! I love the lavender shade! By the way, lacquerbeanz is cute!

    1. Thanks! Well, Lacquer: the Best Medicine already calls her readers that, so I'd feel like I was plagiarizing or something... :P

  2. The purple polish looks beautiful on your nails!
    And the aztec detail looks also just perfect!
    I love this nail art ;)

  3. Good luck on finding a good name to call us ;) It's so hard! I totally gave up on the idea (._.)
    I love your accent nail. Simple and bold triangles always get me :)
    And I love the look of the purple matted.
    Happy Holidays!

    1. Haha yeah, it always sounds too weird, or forced, or... sigh. Thanks so much! Same to you :)

  4. Wow, the triangles are so exact, so jealous you can do that!

  5. Oooh, loving the colour combo! And as a geometric junkie, loving the accent! Ah, they looked so much nicer matte! ♥

    1. Thanks! Yep, you can't go wrong with geometric stuff! I agree :)


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