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Tuesday, December 17, 2013


I recently received an early Christmas present -- a set of 25 MASH stamping plates!! I could have waited until Christmas to use them, but... well... I don't have that much self-discipline :) 
Besides, it seemed wasteful to let them languish on my desk! 

I also have been wanting to try this JINsoon polish I've had for awhile, Soirée (yep, I just did the fancy accent over the "e"! I'm so proud!). 

I started off by painting all my nails white (Revlon Spirit). On my index I added a gold stud from Claire's, on my middle finger is the lovely JINsoon Soirée, and on my ring finger is a stamped geometrical image from Mash-47

This stamping took me two tries to get right, but then when I put topcoat over the second try I thought it was dry before it actually was (for the record, I am not a patient person) and then I touched it and completely messed it up. 
I redid it, and when the third try didn't completely reach to the tip of my nail I was like "I am NOT doing all this AGAIN!". So yeah, I think I need to invest in a quick-dry spray or something... this always happens to me :'( 

I am happy with Soirée, though -- it applied really amazingly, I didn't have to fish for the shards at all and it dried quickly (especially considering I glopped on two thick coats!). The only thing I didn't like is that the shards are a lot more sparse than they seem in the bottle, but that's just a personal preference sort of thing (and could be fixed by doing more coats). 

Anyways, what do y'all think of these? Do you have any tips on how to dry nails faster (or do you just mess them up a lot like me, haha)?

Thanks for reading!
Lucy xx


  1. What a fun and interesting mani! I love how you did something a little different on each nail, but the designs all still fit together with the color scheme. :D

    ~ Yun

  2. What a beautiful Nail art!
    I love how every on your nails has a different pattern :)

    Xx julia

  3. These are beautiful, I love the pattern/colour/glitter combo, it works so well together! No real tips besides Seche Vite for fast drying... I'm very good at doing things one handed which helps until they dry!!

    1. Thank you!! Yeah, my bottle of Seche has gotten super gloopy so it takes much longer to dry now, it would probably be a good idea to get another bottle :) Haha, I always forget I have wet nails and end up messing them up!

  4. Replies
    1. It was an amazing gift!! Definitely going to put these to good use :) Thanks for stopping by!


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