Nude Dotticure

Thursday, October 3, 2013


Happy Thursday! This week on my left hand I decided to do a simple dotticure (at first I tried some nail art, but that was a complete failure... I wish I had taken photos so you could laugh at them!).

This was a really quick and simple design to do. I started with a base of Sephora by OPI Neutral Beauty, then added dots in Sephora by OPI Mood Ring (green), Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow, and Jin Soon French Lilac

What do you think of this design? Do you like the colors, or are they too mismatched? And what do you think of Neutral Beauty (I'm still undecided as to whether it's more of a nude or a brown)? 

Thanks for reading!
The Nail Snail xx

P.S. I accidentally deleted ALL of your lovely comments from about a month ago until now *sob* ARGH! Lesson learned: don't mess with your blog's settings. You guys should leave lots of comments now to make up for the deleted ones :) 


  1. That's so sad that all your comments went away :(. Nice dotticure...great way to dress up nudes!

  2. So pretty!! Is this the nude you got at the Sephora by OPI sale?? I got this one too!! I haven't worn it yet though.

    1. Thanks! Haha, yes it is! You should definitely try it out -- it's a great polish :)

  3. I love me a dotticure! Looks great :)

  4. Nice dotticure and beautiful colors :)

  5. Hahahah awww that's so sadd! It's okay, accidents happens. Besides, what matters more is the future! ;)

    I love this dotticure btw! The colours you used all worked together so well here! So pretty! :)


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