Saran Wrap Nails

Friday, October 18, 2013


This week I recreated some nail art my friend (hi, Jasmeen!) did! I loved the colors and the design, so I decided to recreate it on my nails as well!

Jasmeen's Nails

For my thumb, index, and pinky, I started with a base of Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet and added the dots with a bobby pin and Wet n Wild Black Creme
For my middle and ring fingers I started with a white base (Revlon Spirit) then used the saran wrap technique with JINsoon Coral Peony, Deborah Lippmann Lara's Theme, and Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow. Then I freehanded the black on either side with Wet n Wild Black Creme. (this was with my non-dominant hand, guys!)

nail art

(apologies for the gross brown/white paint on my hand, I was using brown acrylic paint and forgot to wash it off)

nail art

This was my first time using the saran wrap method and I thought the technique produced cool results! I'm trying to think of more ways I can use this... ideas? I liked the Crumpet's candy striped nails and although she used a different technique I think it would work with the saran wrap method as well!

Do you like this? Do you think the saran wrap/black nails go with the mint green nails, or is it not your kind of thing? Tell me what you think :)

Thanks for reading! And thanks Jasmeen!
Lucy xx


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