Messy Floral

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Hi everyone!

Once again, I've taken an unexpectedly long break between blog posts :( I just finished up my junior year of high school, which was pretty crazy -- but now that I'm on summer break I should have more time for nail art!

These nails were a simple and fun exercise in freehanding inspired by Nina Nailed It's tutorial. To be honest, I wanted to recreate her look exactly (it's gorgeous!), but my freehanding skills weren't up to par.

Either way, it was really nice to have the time to do my nails again!

Hopefully I'll have time in the next few weeks to post more and catch up on all of your blog posts that I've missed!

Thanks for reading!
Lucy xx


  1. Congrats for finishing junior year and welcome back. I am anxious to see new nail designs. This one looks very nice and eye catching because of the color contrast. Nice one! Have a great day!

  2. Practice leads to perfection. I know when you try this again, it will done nicely and perfectly.


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