'Ancient Ladies' Water Decals Review

Monday, January 11, 2016

*sample provided for review

Today I'm reviewing these water decals from ladyqueen.com!

These were really easy to use: I just soaked them in room temperature water for 10 seconds, then peeled them off and placed them on the nail with pointed tweezers. Unlike other water decals I've used, I didn't have any problems with ripping or tearing. 

I thought they would show up better on a light background since they're not quite opaque, so I chose a base of the famous OPI My Vampire is Buff.

Overall, I would highly recommend these. They work well and look great!

If you want to purchase these, they're $2.15 from LadyQueen.com (link) and you can get 15% off using the coupon code DSCX15!

Thanks for reading!
Lucy xx


  1. Love it!!! Love the design and love to hear that they are in good quality.

  2. These are rally pretty and look great over that polish

  3. I say unique water decals. Never seems them before :D

  4. Wonderful outcome, simple and classy. The decals are gorgeous!

  5. love it, these decals are absolutely adorable :D

  6. Very pretty, I really love these decals with your base colour, very soft and feminine :D


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