15-minute Semiformal Nails

Saturday, December 19, 2015


It's crazy, I haven't posted since October :( Life has been filled with schoolwork, and I've been super busy with a new school and a lot of new friends. 

For a while, I wasn't really feeling nail art, either -- it just seemed so much less important than going to grab food with friends or getting a head start on my American Studies essay. But I've come to miss it, so here I am with a super quick design.

The story behind these is kinda funny. I ordered a dress for our school's winter semiformal dance, but it didn't come in time (SMH @ Tobi) so I ended up running around trying to find another dress to wear. I ended up borrowing one from a dear friend, but at that point I had like thirty minutes to get ready and I still had to do my nails. Most nail art is super time-intensive, but I managed to do this design in about 15 minutes.

Polishes Used:
Nails Inc Kings Road (or something, I forget) | Wet n Wild Black Créme 

It's super simple, just a black background and some gold dry brushing! Quick, but elegant.

And for your viewing pleasure here's a silly candid of me and my date :))

I promise I will try to post more often -- I hope you guys are doing well! I'll probably be creeping on your blogs shortly to catch up with the nail art world.

Thanks for reading!!
Lucy xx


  1. omg, I've experience almost the same adventure with the dress (honestly, it was so stressful!).
    this nailart, although simple, looks amazing!

  2. I love your bag! Where'd you get it?

    1. Thanks Hi! It was a gift from a very, very dear friend, I think he got it from Zara :) P.S. I see you follow the blog 'everyday debate', I love that blog!


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