Hot Plants Nail Art

Friday, August 7, 2015


It's August, but where I live it's still SO hot! Of course, I was inspired to do some hot nail art.

I used the dry-brush technique to do the background, then used a small detailing brush to paint the plants.

I love painting long nails, but I hate the feeling of having long nails :( Do any of you guys feel the same way??

Thanks for reading!!
Lucy xx


  1. I love this! It reminds me of an abstract painting somehow - I think it's because of all the bright colours.

  2. Looks very cool!

  3. I like this design! It looks very eye-catching.

  4. Are you in the desert? Love

  5. Wonderful nail art, just perfect for this HOT summer weather!

  6. this manicure looks just so great, I love the final result and the pictures look lovely as well :) The orange and bright colors that you used for this manicure look just so wonderful together ;)

  7. Stunning nail art! Love the hot colours and the contrast :D Such a great combo! Hahaha~ I don't mind long nails. Not too long though, moderately long (oh well). But I do find painting short nails such a bliss, lols! XD


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