More Florals

Sunday, September 28, 2014


I've been loving floral nail art lately. Last week I did a retro floral pattern, this week I did another simple floral pattern! I don't know, they're just so easy to do and they look so cute.

floral nail art
Polishes Used
China Glaze First Mate | Deborah Lippmann Build Me Up Buttercup & Spring Buds | JINsoon Tea Rose | white acrylic paint

This pattern wasn't really inspired by everything, I just picked out a few colors I thought would look good together and went with the flow! I'm not really sure how to describe these (thus the post title, "More Florals" haha).

floral nail art

I really love First Mate (it's been on the blog twice before: once with studs, once nautically). It's kind of a dusty navy creme, with perfect application! It'll definitely be one of my go-to colors this fall.

floral nail art

floral nail art

Do any of you guys have a nail art pattern/style that you've been loving lately? And what have been your favorite fall nail polish shades?

Thanks for reading!
Lucy xx

P.S. if you've been liking my floral designs, you can browse my floral nails tag!


  1. Really really cute!! The colour scheme and the design are lovely, and you rock that accent nail!! :)

  2. These look so cute again! I think the colours look so nice together too :) I've just done a negative space design and now I already have another negative space design in my head that I really want to try out so you could say I've been loving that lately ;)

    1. Thank you! Negative space designs are always gorgeous, I feel like my naked nails are too stained/yellowed to do them though :(

  3. It looks super cute and the base color is stunning too!

  4. Your nails look so beautiful!
    I love how all these different colors match together. :)

    xx julia

  5. Beautiful! I especially like the dots in the background--very nice detail.

  6. Those colours together are just perfect...! What a gorgeous nail art!

  7. This is sooo cute! I love it!

  8. This is super cute, Lucy! I love your floral design and the colorful shades you used. It makes the florals really pop against the navy background. :)

    ~ Yun


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