World Cup Nails

Friday, June 13, 2014


I'm back from my unplanned 2-week hiatus! More on this in the next post -- I don't really have time to write now because I'm supposed to be packing!

I entered in a World Cup nail art competition run by Emily of Nailsxo awhile ago, but only just got around to doing my nails, whoops! I was assigned the country Spain.

I chose certain aspects of Spanish culture to portray on each nail.
The index finger design is inspired by the famous flamenco dancers -- their dresses are always ruffly and red and black.
The middle finger design is inspired by the Spanish tradition of the running of the bulls.
The ring finger is inspired by the Spain flag.
And the pinky finger is supposed to represent Spain's love of and talent at soccer!

Spain isn't doing too well so far. Surprisingly, they might not even advance beyond the first round. But I'll be rooting for them, as I get a prize if they win :) I also think they're an immensely talented team and if they do manage to move beyond this round they deserve it!

Thanks for reading!
Lucy xx


  1. I don't think my comment came through :(! I was saying how it was definitely worth the wait because your nails look so awesome! Spain has a really interesting culture and you really portrayed that here! Hopefully Spain get better, they were one of the favourites :o !!

    Good luck and thanks for taking part I will upload your gorgeous nails on to the World Cup page tonight! :) xx
    P.s. the bull is so cute!

    1. Aw, thank you so much! I was so surprised when Spain didn't make it to the round of 16 :\ oh well! Thanks for organizing such a great competition!

  2. This nail art is perfect to support your country at the world cup!
    I love this manicure ;)

    ~Xx~ Julia


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