Guest Post: Nude Nails & Gold Studs by Jacquie

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Today the lovely Jacquie of Claws Up agreed to guest post for me! Here, she combines two of my favorite things, Deborah Lippmann and gold studs!

Hello Nail Snailers! 

My name is Jacquie, or Littlemonsterx14, of Claws Up! I am thrilled to be able to guest post for Lucy during her nail-ban hiatus.

I have loved those gold nail studs as soon as I first saw them. I thought they were so classy and elegant, and I knew I needed some. There were a few online, but on a limited budget, I didn't want to pay for shipping. I love how popular nail art has become recently. It makes it so much easier to get supplies.

On a routine shopping trip to CVS, lo and behold, I found studs!  On tops of that, the studs came with a really neat picker-upper.  I usually use a doting tool to pick up little nail art bits, so It was nice to have a tool that's meant for that.  I was so excited to finally try out all those different nail looks that I have needed studs to create.  This was my first time using nail studs so I wanted a look that was easy, but still made a statement. I love the look of covering the entire nail in studs, so I knew that was the first look I wanted to try with my new studs.

I also wanted to quickly comment on this nude polish. This Lippmann came in a set of mini's that my mom got for me. I have been looking all over for the perfect nude for the longest time, and I think I finally found it! The whole time I had this polish on I kept glancing at my hands thinking my polish came off, but it just was the perfect match. I'm so happy I found the mannequin-hand polish I have been looking for!

The Line Up:

Deborah Lippmann in Fashion
My new nail studs and picker-upper
I was super happy with how my first time using nail studs came out! I loved the mix of simplicity from the nude combined with the bold, statement-making nail covered in gold studs. This little vial came with tons of studs, so I can't wait to see try out even more styles!

What do you think of my studded nail and nude look? What other looks should I try out with my new studs?

Thanks again to Lucy, and all of you lovely readers, for letting me take over her corner of the blogosphere today!

Claws Up!

These are so classy! I think I need Fashion (if you read my blog regularly you'll know I have a bit of a Deborah Lippmann addiction, haha). 

If you haven't checked out Jacquie's blog yet, you definitely should -- she does amazing makeup looks as well as nail art! Thank you so much, Jacquie!

Lucy xx


  1. Wonderful manicure, I love the studs :) x

  2. I love the nude color with the gold-studded accented nail! Looks great!

  3. AWW I love the gold details in combination with this nude colour!

    Xx Julia

  4. love it, well done Jacquie :D

  5. What a cool accent nail, and I love the DL shade, too!

  6. Love the gold and the nude! It's classy but still a bit badass :P

  7. This is so simple and chic! I love the gold studs and I want my own picker-upper.. lol.


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