Chinese New Year's Nails

Sunday, January 26, 2014


Chinese New Year this year falls on January 31st (it's going to be the year of the Horse) so I had to do some Chinese New Year's nails!

Polishes used:
Base | index-pinky: Zoya Jacqueline; thumb: Nails Inc Tate
Flower nails | red: Nails Inc Tate; gold detailing: Nails Inc Chelsea Bridge Road; branches: brown acrylic paint
Lantern nail | black & red: acrylic paint; gold glitter: Zoya Maria Luisa; gold: Nails Inc Chelsea Bridge Road
I did a Chinese lantern to represent the Lantern Festival, which signifies the end of the new year festivities (also because a dragon would be beyond my abilities, haha). 

Oh, yeah -- I also recently received my first Zoya polishes ever (I ordered them during the COLOR2014 sale). Zoya Jacqueline is everything I dreamed OPI My Vampire is Buff would be. It's a little more pink-toned, so it looks less buttery-yellow on me than MViB -- I love it!! It's probably going to show up in at least 75% of my nail art now :) 
Just curious, which do you guys prefer: MViB or Jacqueline?

My second polish was Maria Luisa, which is a glitter flaky topper - it's gorgeous! 
I also bought Zoya Feifei as a gift for a friend (but she'll probably let me borrow it sometime :3)

I reaaaally like the combination of these three polishes!

A closeup of Maria Luisa
My family is Chinese, so for Chinese New Year we're probably going to eat something Chinese and clean our house.. nothing too exciting :)

Happy year of the Horse, and thanks for reading!
Lucy xx


  1. Such a beautiful manicure! I think this looks so elegant and delicate, I love the colours you have used too. I especially love the base colour and the freehand lantern :) xx

  2. Love your Chinese New Year nails! I just got my first Zoya polish recently too! :)

  3. Beautiful!! Happy New Year!!

  4. This mani looks really pretty :)

  5. lovely nail art, and maria luise looks gorgeous :D

    1. Thanks! It is, I'm so glad I decided to kind of "splurge" on it :D

  6. Very cool design! :)

  7. Your nails look really cute!
    I love them ;)

    Xx Julia


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